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ΗΣΦ at CAMWS-Southern Section

At the 92nd meeting of the Southern Section of CAMWS, Eta Sigma Phi will sponsor a panel of papers presented by undergraduate members of the society. This panel will honor the contributions of Thomas J. Sienkewicz to the society and the discipline. Prof. Sienkewicz recently resigned his post as Executive Secretary of ΗΣΦ to serve as Secretary-Treasurer of CAMWS. The conference will be held from November 1-3 in Tallahassee, FL. The presenters will speak on a wide range of topics within classical studies:

Judgmental Wrath or Unreflecting Passion? The ὀργή of the Athenians in Thucydides, Book II Kristen Block, (Hillsdale College, ΗΔ chapter)
The (Roman) Triumph of Seneca’s Medea Michelle Currie, (Rhodes College, ΒΨ chapter)
Inform and Delight: Ekphrasis in Cupid and Psyche Emily S. Goodling, (Hillsdale College, ΗΔ chapter)
The Sons of Heroes in Greek Epic Sean Minion, (Xavier University, ΖΧ chapter)
The Provenance of Mithras Andrew Zigler, (University of Texas at Austin, ΓΣ chapter)

Full details of the conference can be found at http://www.camws.org/southernsection/index.php

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