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The Archives of Eta Sigma Phi, the National Classics Honorary Society, were established at the Hewes Library of Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, by vote of the Eta Sigma Phi Board of Trustees in 2004. The purpose of these archives is to serve as a permanent repository for back issues of the Nuntius (the newsletter of Eta Sigma Phi) and other records of the national society. Eta Sigma Phi also maintains lists of previous national officers, Executive Secretaries, and members of the Board of Trustees as a part of the online archive. Members are encouraged to donate memorabilia to the collection, which is open to scholars and to the general public by appointment. Copies of documents can be obtained by mail for a modest fee. The archives are maintained by the staff of the Monmouth College Archives with the assistance of Dr. Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics at Monmouth College and the former Executive Secretary of Eta Sigma Phi.

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