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5/10/24 update: The National Office is closed for the summer. If you order regalia at this time, you will not receive it for your graduation. We are very sorry about this. The Executive Secretary is in Italy and there is no one at the National Office to fill your order.


Use the printable order forms (following each form’s instructions)
or click the Add to Cart buttons followed by the Checkout button above to pay online with Paypal (no Paypal account necessary).

Sorry, we cannot process orders outside the United States.
Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.  Eta Sigma Phi is not responsible for items lost in the mail.

If you need any of these regalia items quickly (for an upcoming graduation, for example), you may purchase express shipping as a separate item for $25.00! (It is at the bottom of the page.) It is highly recommended to that orders requiring express delivery be made via PayPal rather than ground mail.

NOTA BENE: Express Shipping cannot be guaranteed during the summer months or over the Christmas holidays.