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Convention Bids

Information on Bidding for a Convention

Active Chapters of Eta Sigma Phi who wish to host an upcoming convention are invited to submit bids at the convention two years beforehand. At least one active member of the chapter submitting a bid must attend the earlier convention to propose the chapter’s plans.

The convention begins with a reception on a Friday evening and ends at noon on Sunday with a final business session. There will be talks by students, reports on chapter activities, scholarly lectures, a certamen, a banquet and time for socializing. The host chapter will be responsible for:
· selecting a hotel
· designing a convention t-shirt or other appropriate souvenir
· arranging for the Friday reception
· preparing a welcome packet and registration materials, including a program
· staffing the registration desk
· arranging for transportation between the hotel and the campus (if necessary)
· supplying facilities (and A/V equipment, when necessary) on campus for the Saturday morning meeting
· providing lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday
· organizing appropriate cultural activities for Saturday afternoon
· identifying a speaker or entertainment for the Saturday evening banquet

A bid consists of:
1. Proposed convention dates with detailed information about price and room availability from an appropriate hotel.
2. Information about the special regional amenities, accompanied by brochures, where appropriate.
3. A description of the kinds of special cultural activities the chapter plans for Saturday afternoon.
4. A list of possible speakers or entertainers for the Saturday evening banquet.
5. The names of the members of the local committee, with the chair designated.
6. A letter of support from the faculty advisor of the chapter with an explanation of the kinds of financial, secretarial and other support the chapter can expect to receive from the host institution.
7. A proposed budget for expenses.

Chapters intending to bid for an upcoming convention are encouraged to contact the Executive Secretary to discuss their plans.

Information on Hosting an Eta Sigma Phi Convention

In recent years the number of delegates to an Eta Sigma Phi convention has fluctuated between 85 and 130, depending upon location. Typically, the Local Committee should create a budget based upon $85 per delegate approximately.

Early in the academic year preceding the convention, the location committee needs to provide the following to the Executive Secretary:

1.) information about the hotel, especially the number of rooms reserved, and rates
2.) plans to get people from the airport; e.g., can you use college vans? Or provide info about shuttle service.
3.) a detailed budget (see below)
4.) a photo of the local committee to use on a flyer announcing the convention

1. The local committee needs to determine what sorts of activities will happen on Saturday afternoon. These activities should preferably be both fun and educational.
2. The committee needs to determine the banquet speaker or entertainment for Saturday night. Occasionally, this may be arranged by the national office.

1.) The local committee needs to gather information about the cost of various convention activities listed below. If any funding from the Classics Dept. has been obtained to cover some of these costs, please include that information.
2.) The Executive Secretary will set a price for the registration fee based on these costs. It is very important that this registration fee cover all the costs of convention. The National Office does not subsidize any of this whatsoever.
3.) Registration fees will be sent to the executive secretary.
4.) At or shortly after the convention the local committee will give the Executive Secreatary a total bill for convention costs.

Here is a list of the costs the local committee is likely to incur:
Cost for any meeting rooms used, if any (hopefully none)
Cost of Friday night reception (a snack/dessert and soft drinks is fine)
Cost of breakfast on Saturday morning (donuts, fruits, juice, coffee, tea)
Cost of Saturday lunch (this is often a boxed lunch)
Cost of Saturday banquet
Cost of breakfast on Sunday morning (donuts, fruits, juice, coffee, tea)
Cost of the t-shirt or whatever convention memorabilia the committee is planning to provide to delegates.
Costs related to Saturday afternoon activities (sometimes this includes the cost of a bus rental)
Honorarium for banquet speaker, if any.
Printing costs (program and whatever else you plan to print)

The Executive Secretary will provide the local committee with the following:
1.) ΗΣΦ folders for registration materials
2.) ΗΣΦ pens
3.) a Certamen machine