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ARTICLE X (Eta Sigma Phi Constitution)

SECTION 1. A local chapter is a body of students interested in classical study, organized under and by virtue of this Constitution and chartered at any Liberal Arts college or university which has been accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency for at least five years. This time period may be waived only upon the consideration and approval of the Grand Executive Council.

SECTION 2. A local chapter may be organized, chartered, and established upon the granting of a petition, which, duly executed by a group of qualified students, has been addressed to and filed with the Executive Secretary. When any such petition shall have received the recommendation, by majority vote, of the Grand Executive Council, the petition shall be submitted to the next National Convention. Upon the approval of two-thirds of the voting delegates assembled at such convention, a charter shall be granted, and after initiatory rites as provided for in the ritual of the Society, the same shall be issued by the Executive Secretary.

SECTION 3. The nomenclature of the local chapters, like that of the  National Society, shall be based upon the Greek alphabet, each local chapter being designated by that letter or those letters of the Greek alphabet which indicate its relation to the others in the order of establishment.

SECTION 4. The officers constituting the Executive Council of each local chapter shall be:
a) Prytanis—President.
b) Hyparchos—Vice-President.
c) Grammateus—Recording Secretary.
d) Chrysophylax—Treasurer.
e) Pyloros—Sergeant-at-arms.
f) Additional officers as deemed appropriate.
This number may be limited and the duties consolidated accordingly.

SECTION 5. The duties and privileges of the local chapters shall be:
a) To adopt a constitution and by-laws, if deemed necessary, for its own government and to determine its own requirements for membership insofar as these do not conflict with the provisions of this Constitution.
b) To promote the spirit and purposes of the National Society upon the campus of its own institution through its chapter meetings, Executive Council, and individual members.
c) To hold initiations, normally at least once each year.
d) To submit an annual report of chapter officers to the National Office by October 31 of each year.
e) To send delegates to the National Convention.
f) To submit at the National Convention, or prior to it, a report of activities since the previous convention.

SECTION 6. Failure of a chapter to comply with Article X, Section 5, Paragraphs c through f may result in the revocation of its charter.

SECTION 7. If any local group which has petitioned Eta Sigma Phi and has been approved for a charter has not had its chapter installed within one year after approval, it must re-petition before the chapter may be installed.