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The Vergilian Society at Cumae

The Theodore Bedrick Scholarship provides funding for a Summer Session at the Vergilian Society at Cumae.

Eligibility: Eta Sigma Phi members who have received a Bachelor’s degree within the eight years prior to application (or shall have received it by June 1st of the current year) and who have not received a doctoral degree or members who will be rising juniors or seniors in the coming summer; preference will be given to such undergraduate students. Recipients may receive credit applicable toward a degree, provided advance arrangements have been made. (Note: In order to be valid membership must have been registered with the national office of Eta Sigma Phi by the application deadline.) For additional information on eligibility, click here.

Amount:  The Theodore Bedrick Scholarship to the Vergilian Society at Cumae has a total value of up to $2,900,  including the remission of one-half the tuition fee by the Vergilian Society. Only tours in Italy are covered by this scholarship. Additional information: website or the secretary of the society, Amy Leonard (vergiliansociety@gmail.com).

Selection: Eta Sigma Phi Summer Scholarship Committee selects winners; they are announced about April 1.

Application:  For scholarship application, click here.

Applicants must submit a transcript of undergraduate work, letters of recommendation, and a statement not to exceed 500 words to include purpose and reasons for desiring the scholarship.  Send applications and letters of recommendation to: 

Dr. Molly Pasco-Pranger
Department of Classics, P.O. Box 1848
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
(662) 915-7097 (work)
(662) 915-5654 (fax)

Electronic applications sent via e-mail are preferred to hard copies sent via the postal service.

Selection of recipients is made by the Eta Sigma Phi Scholarship Committee.  In selecting the recipient of each scholarship, the committee gives attention to the quality of the applicant’s work in Greek, Latin, and related courses; future plans in classical studies; and contributions to the activities of Eta Sigma Phi at the local and national level.

Annual Deadline for completed scholarship applications:  February 15th.