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There are three categories of membership:
(1)  Active membership is limited to undergraduates who are enrolled in classes in Latin and/or Greek in the original languages.  A student must meet the basic qualification of an attained grade of not less than “B” in courses in Latin and Greek, with completion of at least one semester or two quarters.  The chapters are permitted considerable autonomy in any additional requirements for membership; however, the grade standard stated above must be observed, and it is expected that chapters will maintain even higher standards.

(2)  Associate membership is open to graduate students who were undergraduate members of Eta Sigma Phi and graduate students in Classics elected under the requirements of membership.

(3)  Honorary membership is conferred upon persons selected by the chapter for their interest in the Classics and contributions to the understanding and appreciation of classical languages, history, and culture.

ORGANIZATION:  Eta Sigma Phi is an undergraduate society, and its officers are active (undergraduate) members who are elected to office for a period of one year by the annual national convention.  The finances of the society are managed by a Board of Trustees, composed of five faculty members from active chapters who are elected for a period of three years.  This Board also administers the contests and scholarship program. The Executive Secretary is a faculty member of an active chapter who is responsible for carrying out the policies of the society and is required to perform the duties usually assigned to this position.

WHAT ETA SIGMA PHI DOES:  The value of Eta Sigma Phi is revealed particularly in the work of local chapters and the effect of the society upon individual members and upon the academic community.  Although Eta Sigma Phi is “honorary” in nature, chapters usually must utilize programs or activities to carry out the purposes of the society.  Groups of chapters use regional conferences as a means of stimulating interest and exchanging ideas.

At the national level, Eta Sigma Phi sponsors these activities:

(1)  The Scholarships:  Each year the society awards two scholarships for study abroad during the summer, one to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the other to the AmericanAcademy in Rome, to members who have recently graduated.  A third scholarship, to a session of the Vergilian Society at Cumae, is also offered, with preference going to rising juniors and seniors.

(2)  The Contests:  Each year the society sponsors contests among college and university students to encourage the study of Latin and Greek on the college level.  Participation in the contests is limited to colleges and universities in which there are Eta Sigma Phi chapters. The contests are in Greek translation, Latin translation, and Latin prose composition.

(3)  The Medals:  The society makes available to high school teachers inexpensive medals to award to outstanding students.  Many Eta Sigma Phi chapters also award the medals in local high schools.  These medals are intended to encourage the study of Latin in high school.

(4)  The Newsletter:   NUNTIUS is the official publication of Eta Sigma Phi, published two times each year.  It contains information concerning the society, original articles by members, announcements, and accounts of the activities of the chapters. NUNTIUS is available on-line, and each active chapter receives five print copies.

(5)  The National Convention:  The Constitution provides for a national convention each year, late in March or in April.  At this time, delegates conduct the business of the society, including the election of national officers, and workshops are held.  Local chapters bid to host the convention, and an effort is made to move the site from region to region to accommodate chapters in different parts of the country.

FEES:   (1)  National:  There is a charter fee (currently $75) paid to the national office to establish a new chapter.  The only charge for active (undergraduate) membership imposed by the national office is an initiation fee (currently $40 per active member).  For this fee an active member receives a membership card, a membership certificate. Associate members pay a fee of $20, and honorary members pay no fees.  There are additional charges for NUNTIUS  print subscriptions and membership certificates for associate.  There are no annual dues to the national organization.

(2)  Local:  Local chapters may impose an additional initiation charge and/or dues, as well as conduct fund-raising activities, to support their operations.