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IMG_3326Eta Sigma Phi was represented by its ΖΒ (Temple University) and ΘΤ (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey) chapters at the recent meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Members of these chapters staffed a booth and attended various events to encourage interest in the society.

Trustees Emeritae Martha Davis and Sister Thérèse Mare Dougherty were also in attendance.  Davis served as co-chair of a panel on undergraduate research that included Eta Sigma Phi members Nicole Love, ΖΒ and Megale Chrysophylax, Emily Goodling, ΗΔ (Hillsdale College), and Jennifer Ranck ΑΘ (Hunter College).

Representatives Evan Lechner and Sarah Baginsky of ΘΤ both found the conference well worth their time.  According to Lechner the experience was “highly stimulating,” and Baginsky commented, “I had the good fortune to sit in on two very interesting panels, meet fascinating classicists, and eat delicious food. My favorite talk was “Asta ac Perlege: Teaching Latin with Roman Inscriptions” by Prof. Anne Leen from Furman University. I found the actual translating of the funerary texts to be the highlight of her talk: she had a set of questions that the audience answered, and it was very inspiring to listen to the people around me and hear what they knew.”  Prof. Leen is the also advisor for the ΒΒ chapter at Furman University

Ashley Gander and Anthony Parenti of ZB also helped at the society’s booth.  The meeting was held in Philadelphia, PA, October 10-12.

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