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ΗΣΦ Events at the Annual Meeting of the APA 2014

Despite the snow and cold, ΗΣΦ was well represented at the 145th annual meeting of the American Philological Association in January in Chicago, IL.

  • The undergraduate research panel ΗΣΦ: The Next Generation: Papers by Undergraduate Classics Students was well attended.  The audience heard Emily Goodling of Hillsdale College commenting on Mommsen’s anti-Ciceronian biases, Alex Karsten of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill try to resolve the difficult ending of Terence’s Hecyra, and Kelly Schmidt of Xavier University contrast the interior and exterior social worlds of Homer’s Iliad.  Prof. Niall W. Slater of Emory University offered gracious and insightful comments.
  • About 30 people, including one former megas prytanis now studying in England, attended the reception on Friday evening.
  • The national officers were available in the exhibit hall to answer questions and promote interest in the society.  Several students from the University of Chicago discussed ideas for increasing activities at the Alpha chapter.
  • The Executive Secretary was trapped by the weather in the Chicago Midway Airport, much like one of Xenophon’s troops in the Anabasis.


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