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Honorary Member: Eta Zeta at Truman State University

Amanda Langendoerfer is Associate Dean of Libraries for Special Collections and Museums at Truman State University. Dean Langendoerfer has enriched the Classics curricula by giving special presentations about reading and writing materials in the ancient world, and holding special sessions for Classics courses in Special Collections to view and handle rare books. Additionally, she has lent her expertise in codicology to co-advise two Classics capstone projects on a Francophone-Latin “Book of Hours” and Sebastian Brant’s 1501 “Comentarii” on Vergil’s “Aeneid.” A lifetime learner, she recently completed elementary and intermediate Latin sequence with Truman Classics faculty. In honor of her support of Classics students and dedication to the study of the Classics at Truman, Dean Langendoerfer was nominated for this honor by unanimous vote from the Classics faculty and Eta Sigma phi active members.

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