2018 Lifetime Achievement Awards

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By Aeger on December 19, 2017.

Eta Sigma Phi is pleased to announce the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award winners:  Profs. Judith P. Hallett of the University of Maryland at College Park and Hans-Friedrich Mueller of Union College.  Prof. Hallett, a specialist in Latin literature as well as gender, sexuality, and the family in Greek and Roman society, has been on the faculty at the University of Maryland for over thirty years. She is a dynamic teacher and an advocate for equality within the discipline and the society in general. Prof. Mueller has been at Union College since 2004. An accomplished teacher, he specializes in Roman historiography and Latin pedagogy, and his publications are an invaluable resource for teachers and students at all levels. Both honorees have been active patrons of ΗΣΦ.
The awards will be presented at the 90th Annual Convention of the society at Dickinson College, March 23-25.  The award winners’ contributions to the discipline will be reviewed with panegyrical detail at that time.