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By Katherine Panagakos on January 7, 2024.

National Officers saying “OPA!” at Greek Islands Restaurant.

National Officers, 2023-2024, at Greek Islands Restaurant in Chicago, IL (l to r: Arreya, Alexandra, Laurence, Jonathan)

Megas Prytanis
Laurence Pavlik, Epsilon Sigma at Augustana College (laurencepavlik20@augustana.edu)

Salvete Omnes, I’m Laurence Pavlik, and it is my honor to serve as your Megale Prytanis this year! I’m a proud member of Eta Sigma Phi, hailing from the Epsilon Sigma Chapter at Augustana College. I study Classics there, with an emphasis on Roman Religion and Etruscan Archaeology, as well as Geology. Originally I had come to Augustana to start my career as a paleontologist, but I was quickly enthralled with my Latin class, and found myself in the Classics major as fast as boiled asparagus. Greece and Rome have always dominated my thoughts, through stories of gods and heroes or the writings of poets and philosophers, so I was quite happy to learn their tongues and base my future around studying them. I’ve worked hard to understand the beliefs and actions of ancient Mediterranean peoples, and have always loved to discuss them with and learn new things from other students of antiquity.

As Megale Prytanis I will strive to use the love we all have for classics to bring together the different chapters of Eta Sigma Phi outside of just conferences. I also intend to continue the goals of the last office holder, Elana Sanders-Braxton, to broaden perception of Classics, and show that this field is everyone. I will do my best to honor the trust put in me when I was elected to this position, and look forward to hearing from all sorts of Classicists as I work on your behalf! Valete, and see you at Dickinson!

Megas Hyparchos
Jonathan Rolfe, Eta Delta at Hillsdale College (jrolfe@hillsdale.edu)

I am a junior Latin and Greek double-major at Hillsdale College. As a homeschooler, I first learned Latin and Greek from my big sister and my dad. I was fascinated by languages and continue to study all the ancient languages I can get his hands on, including Old English and Old Norse. My love for the works of J. R. R. Tolkien partly inspired this focus on languages, since that was Tolkien’s expertise.

I have been an active member of my Eta Sigma Phi chapter, most notably by staying for all 24 hours of the Iliad at last year’s Homerathon. I want to encourage the deep study of Latin and Greek language and literature through the community that this national honorary provides. I am also interested in increasing the role of spoken Latin (and Ancient Greek?) in modern pedagogy. I also enjoy board games and running.

Megale Grammateus
Alexandra Laird, Eta Delta at Hillsdale College (alaird@hillsdale.edu)

Xairete! My name is Alexandra Laird (my Greek essence is Alkestis, which I also answer to), and I am a sophomore studying at Hillsdale College. I am double majoring in Greek and English. I studied Latin and Greek in high school, and decided to continue in college, especially with a focus in Greek in our wonderful Classics Program. My favorite thing we have read so far in Greek is The Gospel of John, I prefer The Iliad over The Odyssey, and I love anything and everything Greek mythology!

In my role as Grammateus, I look forward to recording minutes at all future meetings, and to get to know new Chapters and new members!=

Megale Chrysophylax
Arreya Shaw, Eta Zeta at Truman State University (Ams3562@truman.edu)

My name is Arreya Shaw and I’m a junior at Truman State University where I major in History with minors in Classical Studies and Museum Studies. I’ve been involved with Classics since 7th grade when I began taking Latin. In addition to being involved in Eta Sigma Phi I’m also on the exec board for my university’s Classics Club. As a national officer for Eta Sigma Phi, I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for Classics with others who may have not had the same opportunity to get involved that I have.