Annual Report for the Zeta Epsilon Chapter (Rutgers University)

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By Lauren Albright on August 25, 2015.

Rutgers-Zeta-Epsilon-chapter-Eta-Sigma-PhiThe Zeta Epsilon Chapter at Rutgers University this year inducted eight undergraduates. Our initiation was a great success, with Chapter Officers Tyler Archer, Adam Kasarda, and Hasan Habib as Hipparchos, Grammateus and Chrysophylax, and Prytanis respectively. Chapter Member Meghan Kiernan stayed up late making additional, fabulous coronae for the occasion, and all the other Officers present contributed to crown and give the new initiates gold medals with the required royal purple ribbon. Some initiates’ relatives and friends came to cheer them on, which contributed to the excitement of the occasion.
We celebrated afterwards with good food and laughter, with photographs taken in the grand entrance to the stately dean’s house in which all took place. The Chapter is looking forward to further events this year that will honor and celebrate the mission of Eta Sigma Phi.

Respectfully submitted by Emily Allen-Hornblower