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By Aeger on January 17, 2013.

ΗΣΦ sponsored its third panel at annual meetings of the APA on January 6 in Seattle, Washington. The audience heard papers from Anne Cave of Gamma Omicron at Monmouth College, David Giovagnoli of Eta Zeta at Truman State University, Ashley Gilbert of Zeta Beta at Temple University, Kyle Oskvig of Epsilon at the University of Iowa, and Daniel Poochigian of Delta Sigma at the University of California–Irvine. Professor Ruth Scodel of the University of Michigan, former President of the APA, responded to the papers, and Professor Thomas Sienkewicz presided.

Cave’s paper “The Driest Work Ever Written”compared the problems faced by Frontinus as curator aquarum of Rome and those of the water system in Pune, India today. Pune is a city of 6 million near Mumbai. Giovagnoli’s paper discussed the idiosyncratic constructions of masculinity by the poetic voice in the Catullan corpus. Gilbert reminded readers of classical texts of the variability of the very texts they are reading, emphasizing the different readings one might find in the editorial apparatus. Oskvig traced a change in Plato’s view of the body from his early works to later ones, the Laws and Timaeus in particular, and Poochigian investigated the strategies and circumstances that allowed Agricola to survive the reign of Domitian.

Cave, Giovagnoli, and Poochigian have already completed their undergraduate education and are presently pursuing graduate degrees. Professor Scodel commented on the breadth of topics covered by the papers, still noting a few common themes.

The national officers of ΗΣΦ represented the society in the exhibit hall, recruiting new chapters and answering questions, and members and friends of the society celebrated at a polite but ebullient reception Saturday evening.

The society’s fourth panel is planned for next year’s meeting in Chicago. Paper submissions are due by February 1.