Claire Drone-Silvers, Megale Grammateus

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By Aeger on June 30, 2014.

When I joined Eta Sigma Phi as a freshman at Truman State University, I wasn’t expecting to find such a wonderfully active, positive, and supportive group of people who all wanted to share their love of the classics with each other – but that is indeed one of the many great aspects of this organization. Eta Sigma Phi has encouraged my interest in classics to an incredible extent, and the amazing variety of opinions and interests within the group has encouraged me to do more research on my own and become a more well-rounded individual. I am absolutely thrilled to be more involved in this organization that has nurtured an appreciation and love of classics for many years in so many of us, and I look forward to serving as μεγάλη γραμματεύς and working with my fellow officers and the society as a whole!

drone silvers grammateus