Daniela Rodriguez, Megale Chrysophylax

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By Aeger on October 1, 2018.

Dani Rodriguez is a rising senior at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI right on the gorgeous shores of Lake Michigan. There she majors in Classical Studies with minors in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Political Science. For our Chicagoans, she grew up in Northbrook before planting roots in Palatine (GO PIRATES!). To everyone else, she’s just from Chicago.

At Carthage, Dani is involved in student government, Greek Life (A K-Phi girl is quite a treat!), Eta Sigma Phi, and a number of other programs around campus!  Want to know how she does it? By spending most of her days obsessively scheduling her color coded planner to the minute. You can find her on Friday night either cramming Latin verbs into her head at the library or at the favorite local watering hole.

As a national officer there are a number of things she would like to accomplish, but primarily she would like to help spread knowledge of the ancient world. Most people, are not aware of just how influential and important our field of study is, and she wants to help educate them in fun and exciting ways!

Her love for ancient Greek literature was inspired by Dr. Joseph McAlhany during her first year, and she has been hooked on the House of Atreus ever since. Each day she finds a new convoluted theory that can be proven true 56% of the time.