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By Aeger on April 29, 2014.


120 delegates from twenty-four chapters around the country gathered in Evanston, IL for the society’s annual convention and to mark the 100th anniversary of its founding.  The society traces its origins to meetings of a classical association at the University of Chicago in 1914.  Convention attendees commemorated the anniversary with rites at both the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, the Alpha and Beta chapters.  Dr. David Wray of the University of Chicago offered the keynote address, entitled “Seneca’s Shame.”

The winners of the annual translation contest were announced along with the society’s annual scholarship winners.  Drs. Brent Froberg and Thomas Sienkewicz, former Executive Secretaries of the society, were honored as Lifetime Achievement Award Winners.

Four delegates presented their original research:

  • Joshua Benjamins, Eta Delta at Hillsdale College, “‘Et Legebat et Mutabatur Intus:’ Reading and Conversion in Augustine’s Confessions
  • Andrew Koperski, Eta Delta at Hillsdale College,  “Aeneas, Achaemenides, and Augustan Ideal Kingship”
  • Lucy McInerney, Delta Theta at Dickinson College, “Virgil’s Sympathies: Italian Identity in Aeneid VI and VII”
  • Jennifer C. Ranck, Alpha Theta at Hunter College (CUNY), “Cassandra the Keen-Scented Hound”

The delegates also elected new officers and approved an amendment to the society’s constitution.  Article XI, section 5 will now read:

“Honorary membership may be offered by local chapters to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the discipline of classical studies through service to the society or in other appropriate ways.  Honorary membership is not intended for undergraduates, as it carries none of the perquisites of regular membership.  On very rare occasions, chapters may extend honorary membership to a graduating senior who has made an extraordinary contribution to the discipline and the society.  Honorary members do not pay national fees.”

More information about the convention will be published in the summer edition of Nuntius.  Local chapters are encouraged to mark the centennial anniversary throughout the year.