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By Aeger on September 19, 2016.

Kate DePalma (née Jones), Megale Hyparchos of Eta Sigma Phi for the 2004-2005 academic year, has put her background in classics to use in an unusual way: she is a picture book editor and author.
After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans (Eta Gamma chapter) and finishing an MA in Classics at University of Texas in 2007, Kate left academia to pursue a career in publishing. Today she is Senior Editor at children’s publisher Barefoot Books and also the author of a number of picture books, including The Barefoot Book of Children, which debuted this month.
The Barefoot Book of Children is a groundbreaking book for children about human diversity. It is already being praised by parents, educators and activists as a powerful tool for opening the hearts and minds of children. Kate says her background in classics was particularly helpful for creating a page set in Grand Central Station featuring people speaking an assortment different foreign languages. She encourages all classics scholars to explore all of the many career fields open to them outside of academia.
You can learn more about The Barefoot Book of Children at, or reach out to Kate via her website at .