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By Henry Schott on August 31, 2016.

Kenneth De Luca (A.B, Chicago, 1984; Ph.D. Fordham University, 2000), Senior Lecturer in Government & Foreign Affairs, has taught at Hampden-Sydney since 2001. At the College he audited Greek from Professor Arieti for several years, reviewing Elementary Greek and then taking classes with readings in Herodotus, Homer, and Plato. For the Department of Government and Foreign Affairs he regularly teaches “Classical Political Philosophy,” a class that satisfies a requirement for the Classical Studies, Greek, Latin, and Greek and Latin majors. In addition, he has taught a number of Freshman Honors courses that were devoted to Herodotus. In 2005 he published Aristophanes’ Male and Female Revolutions: A Reading of Aristophanes’ Knights and Assemblywomen, a book on the philosophy of democracy as presented by a reading in tandem of the two plays mentioned in the title. He has also published an article, “Aristophanes’ Herodotean Inquiry: the Meaning of Athenian Imperialism in the Birds,” and a review of a book on Aristophanes and democracy. Also at Hampden-Sydney, he was the organizer of a three-day symposium, “Democracies at War: Athens and America” that featured Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger as keynote speaker. The symposium was accompanied by a one-credit course that introduced many students to the importance of the classical thought to an understanding of politics.