Hope Langworthy 2020-21 Megale Grammateus by acclamation

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By Katherine Panagakos on June 30, 2020.

Quick Facts:

  • Hope Langworthy
  • Eta Delta at Hillsdale College
  • Rising Junior
  • Classics Major

In their own words:

Hope Langworthy is a rising junior at Hillsdale College in Michigan, where she serves as the secretary of the Eta Delta chapter of Eta Sigma Phi. She entered college as a self-proclaimed “science person,” but after a disenchanting two-week stint as a Biology major, switched to Latin and Greek. Since then, she has been cultivating her love of the Classics at Hillsdale and hasn’t missed plant taxonomy for one minute. A native of beautiful southern Maine, she enjoys all things outdoors, especially when paired with good coffee and good conversation.

Why Hope wants to be your Megale Grammateus:

When I first came to college, one of my biggest goals was finding fellow students who shared and encouraged my interests. I love Classics and I love Classicists even more, and I wanted to find and develop a community of likeminded learners at school. In the past two years, I have certainly found that community in Eta Sigma Phi. Some of my favorite memories at Hillsdale have been meals, reading groups, and other events with my fellow chapter members, bonding over Classics and sharing our lives with each other. I can’t overstate how much Eta Sigma Phi has added to my sense of community at school. 

With that in mind, I would love to expand upon this community that has encouraged and inspired me in so many ways. If given the opportunity to serve as a national officer, I would do my best to foster the same kind of community between chapters that I’ve grown to value so much in my own chapter. There is so much to gain from sharing our interests with others, and I would be honored to contribute in any way I can to promoting a vibrant community of scholars linked together by our common love of the Classics and pursuit of beauty and wisdom.