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By Aeger on October 16, 2015.

Starting a new Latin position in California? Here is a new resource for you!

The new California Latin Teacher Mentoring Project has now posted an online link, hosted by California Classical Association South at  This link will offer a place for any new Latin teacher working in California to request advice from mentors.  Teachers can make a request for help from a menu of nearly 20 topics and add helpful details, as needed, on a fillable form. The submitted forms pass to a carefully monitored website portal.  The project monitors will read each request form and then work to match the teacher’s specific request with volunteer mentors experienced in that area. Monitors will try to establish contact between mentor and mentoree within a day of the request.  Teachers can submit forms throughout the year as their needs change, and each time they will be matched with an appropriate mentor. To encourage participation, these connections will be conducted privately. This is not a social media website or open discussion forum. We hope that this quick, personalized, and confidential mentoring technique will provide Californians with a valuable complement to the many online groups where general teaching techniques are discussed openly.

Dr. Kathryn Chew, Professor of Classics, CSU Long Beach

Katie Robinson, Latin Teacher, NCLG Committee Chair for Middle Schools