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By Aeger on March 24, 2017.

Friday, March 24th

5:00-7:00pm, Conservatory, Kensington Court Hotel

Registration and Reception

Light refreshments will be provided before the formal program begins

7:00-9:00pm, Conservatory, Kensington Court Hotel

       Opening Remarks and Certamen

Saturday, March 25th

8:00-8:30 am, Kensington Court Lobby

Shuttles depart for Campus (UM Union)

Continental breakfast will be provided on campus.

9:00-11:00am, Angell Hall, Auditorium C

                  First Business Meeting

Megale Prytanis Emma Vanderpool, presiding

Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Sara Forsdyke

Chair of the Classical Studies Department, University of Michigan

Minutes of the 88th Annual Convention

Megale Grammateus Spencer Silver


1.     Chapter Reports

2.     Report of Contests

3.     Report of Scholarships

4.     Report of Megas Chrysophylax

5.     Report of Megale Hyparchos

6.     Old Business

7.     New Business

8.     Bids to host the 91st Annual Convention (2018)

9.     Nominations for 2017-2018 National Officers


11:00am-12:30pm, Angell Hall Auditorium C

Presentation of Student Papers


Emily Barnum, Eta Delta at Hillsdale College, “Language as an Indicator of Cultural Identity in Herodotus’ Histories

Molly Schaub, Alpha Eta at the University of Michigan, “The Curious Case of Phryne: Seeing Comedy in Phryne’s Trial”

Justin Davis, Beta Psi at Rhodes College, “Fractured and Whole: Geography, Greekness, and Religion in Callimachus’ Hymn to Apollo and Aetia

Emma Vanderpool, Gamma Omicron at Monmouth College, “The Medieval Transformation of Caesar’s Invasion of Britain.”

Alex Shell, Beta Pi at the University of Arkansas, “Epic Übermensch: Nietzschean Philosophy in Ancient and Modern Depictions of Odysseus”




               Break-out Sessions

Session One

1:45-2:30PM, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 434 South State Street*

                  Two (2) Kelsey Museum tours

                  Use Maynard Street entrance*

1:45-2:30PM, Harlan Hatcher Library Rm.806

                  University of Michigan Papyrology Collection

                  Monica Tsuneishi,

Papyrology Collection Manager 

1:45-2:30PM, Angell Hall G115 (Ground Floor)

                  “How to Talk with Your Hands: Gesture in Roman Oratory”

Dr. Ruth Caston

Associate Professor in Classical Studies


1:45-2:30PM, Classics Library – Angell Hall 2175

                  Graduate Student Panel


Session Two

2:45-3:30PM, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 434 South State Street*

                  One (1) Kelsey Museum tour

                  Use Maynard Street entrance*

 2:45-3:30PM, Harlan Hatcher Library Rm.806

                  University of Michigan Papyrology Collection

                  Monica Tsuneishi,

Papyrology Collection Manager

2:45-3:30PM, Classics Library – Angell Hall 2175

                  “About the House in Ancient Greece”

Dr. Lisa Nevett, Professor of Cllassical Archaeology and Director of the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology

2:45-3:30PM, Mason Hall 2306

                  “Ancient Curse Tablets”

Dr. Ruth Scodel, D.R. Shackleton-Bailey

Collegiate Prof. of Greek and Latin

 2:45-3:30PM, Angell Hall 2163

                  Declamation Contest

                  Dr. Thomas Sienkewicz, Monmouth College

 3:45-4:30pm, Angell-Mason Hall Complex

Committee Meetings

1.     New Chapters (Mason Hall, Rm. 2306)

2.     Finance (Angell Hall, Rm. 2271)

3.     Contest and Scholarships (Angell Hall, Rm. 2175)

4.     Convention (Tisch Hall, Classics Conference Rm.)

5.     Resolutions (Angell Hall Rm. G115)

6.     Officers (Angell Hall Rm. 2163)


5:00pm, Angell Hall

Shuttles return to Hotel

6:00-10:00,   Kensington Lobby ⟵⟶ Pendleton Room, UM Union

Shuttles Running from Hotel to Campus

7:00-9:00pm, Pendleton Room (UM Union)


Award Ceremony

Vir et femina vestiti optime

Certamen Award

Paper Award

Service Award

Latin Declamation Contest Winner

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Michele Valerie Ronnick

Ruth Scodel


Sunday, March 26th


8:00-9:00am, Conservatory, Kensington Court Hotel

Continental Breakfast

9:00-11:00am, Conservatory, Kensington Court Hotel

Second Business Meeting,

Megale Prytanis Emma Vanderpool, presiding

1.     Contest for Chapter Regalia

2.     Committee Reports

3.     Report of the Executive Secretary

4.     Report of the Chair of the Board of Trustees

5.     Election of 2019 Convention Site

6.     Resolutions and Amendments

7.     Election of 2016-17 National Officers

8.     Installation of Officers


Closing Remarks