Resolutions Approved at 85th Annual Convention

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By Aeger on April 18, 2013.

61984199_b6606ba56aTwo resolutions were approved by delegates to the 85th annual convention in Winston-Salem, NC.  Both were approved by a voice vote.  No opposition was expressed.

The first proposes an amendment to the constitution to define honorary membership in the society more carefully.  As it is an amendment to the constitution, it will need to be approved by the delegates to the next convention as well.  The approved amendment follows:

“Article XI, Section 5:  Honorary membership may be offered by local chapters to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the discipline of classical studies through service to the society or in other appropriate ways.  Honorary membership is not intended for undergraduates, as it carries none of the perquisites of regular membership.  On very rare occasions, chapters may extend honorary membership to a graduating senior who has made an extraordinary contribution to the discipline and the society.  Honorary members do not pay national fees.”

The second resolution approved changes to the ceremony used by the  society for induction of new members.  Speeches of the poeta Sappho and Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi, were added to the ceremony.  These speeches were first composed by Professor Judith Hallett of the University of Maryland.  The language of the speech of Plato was also updated to address concerns of content and style.  These changes have already been made to the on-line version of the ritual.  As the ritual is not a part of the constitution, the vote of the 85th convention is sufficient to institute the changes.