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By Aeger on June 19, 2015.

FullSizeRenderSalvete et καὶ χαίρετε! I am a rising senior studying Classical Languages at the University of Iowa. I was born in Gonaives, Haiti and moved to Florida with my family when I was 11 years old. I started to learn Latin in high school. In addition to teaching Latin, my teacher, Mrs. Eichinger taught me a lot about the Greco-Roman legacy in the modern world. Pretty soon, Latin became my favorite subject, and in college I majored in Classical Languages with a minor in Ancient Civilizations. What I looked forward to the most going into college was being around more people who enjoyed Latin as much as I did so I joined the university’s chapter and was inducted in the spring. Since then I have held the offices of Secretary and Co-President. I am mostly interested in the linguistic aspect of classics; I look forward into doing more of that once I graduate. I would also like to spend some time traveling and exploring opportunities in language related fields.

As Megale Prytanis, I am looking forward to learning more about Eta Sigma Phi on the national level. I also aim to work with my fellow officers to continue to engage with members and chapters across the nation and to encourage them to form and maintain inter-chapter relationships. I plan to foster these relationships by regularly updating the Facebook page with news submitted by chapters throughout the year.