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Zeta Eta at Loyola Marymount University

This year has proven to be a very successful
year for our chapter. In March, we hosted
a Dionysian Festival that included ancient
rituals and skits performed by Classic
majors, as well as non-Classic majors who
just happen to love ancient history. The
biggest treat of the festival came when our
very own, newly elected chapter president,
catered the event using the ancient recipes
of Apicius. In April, we held a Classics and
Archaeology Symposium for the fifth year
in a row! Our final event before summer
was our End-of-Year BBQ which doubled as
an award ceremony for our Latin students
who then received the medals and certificates
they earned from taking the National
Latin Exam. As for the newly elected
officers and new initiates, we are looking
forward to meeting again in the summer for
a Getty Museum rendezvous. We hope next
year will be as great as this one.

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