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Brent Malcom Froberg Schlolarship to the American School of Classical Studies in Athens

Brandon Jones (Alpha Sigma at Emory University). Mr. Jones is a PhD student at the University of Washington and an alumnus of Boston College (MA) and Emory University (BA). He was elected into the Alpha Sigma at Emory in 2003 and served as its Grammateus in 2004-05. Brandon’s research interests range from Greek and Roman historiography and political history to Roman imperial literature and pedagogy. His time in at the ASCSA will be his first opportunity to study in Greece and to fill out that side of his education.

American Academy in Rome Scholarship

Kathryn Langenfeld (Alpha Mu at the University of Missouri). Ms. Lagenfeld Langenfeld is a PhD student in Classics at Duke University and an alumna of the University of Missouri-Columbia. She was elected into the Alpha Mu chapter there in 2006, and served as her chapter’s Grammateus, Hyparchos, and Prytanis in successive years. Her research interests lie in the historiography and literary history of the Later Roman Empire and Late Antiquity. Her summer at the AAR will be her first extended stay in Rome and will help her prepare for dissertation work on Roman topographical and geographical references in the Res Gestae of Ammianus Marcellinus.

Theodore Bedrick Scholarship to the Vergilian Society at Cumae

Philip Cortese (Alpha Phi at Millsaps College). Mr. Cortese is a middle school Latin teacher at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Ridgeland, MS and an alumnus of Millsaps College, where he was elected to the Alpha Phi chapter in 2009. Philip has been highly successful in growing the Latin program at St. Andrew’s and expanding awareness of Classics beyond the Latin classroom. He will attend the Vergilan Society’s summer session entitled “The Italy of Caesar and Vergil: A Workshop for Teachers.”

H.R. Butts Summer Scholarship for Fieldwork in Classical Archaeology

Clara Sophia Reini (Alpha Eta of the University of Michigan). She plans to join the University of Michigan Gabii Field School Project in Italy.

Eta Sigma Phi Bernice L. Fox Latin Teacher Training Scholarship

Thomas Head (Beta Sigma at Marquette University). Mr. Head has a strong background in Latin, and he has been doing excellent work teaching Latin at the School of St. Mary in Lake Forest, Illinois, where he has increased Latin enrollments significantly. He proposes to use his scholarship funds to attend the ACL Institute in Las Vegas this June. Because he demonstrates both eagerness and ability to improve his teaching through learning new techniques, perspectives, and approaches, his students and the field of Latin serve to benefit significantly from his participation in the Institute.

Sarah McGinnis (Zeta Gamma at San Diego State University. Ms McGinnins earned her BA in Classical Languages from San Diego State University and is now enrolled in the Latin teacher credential program at California State University of Long Beach, where she continues to study Latin language and pedagogy. She proposes to use her scholarship funds to attend Septimana Californiana, a one-week long intensive Latin course at Loyola Marymount University. After teaching English as a second language in Chile, Sarah has been determined to increase her oral fluency in both Latin and Spanish. Her participation in this workshop will most certainly benefit her future middle and high school students.