2011 Report of the Chair of the Board of Trustees

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The first discussion by the Board at the
2011 meeting in Austin, Texas concerned
persons. The names of continuing and
newly appointed members of Eta Sigma
Phi committees, with designation of the
committee Chair and end date of term of
service, will appear in the next edition of
the NUNTIUS in partial representation of
this discussion.
Trustee David Sick of Rhodes College
stepped down from the Board. Antonios
Augoustakis of the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign was elected to a three
year term to serve in his place, subject to
ratification by the Assembly. [Editor’s note:
Professor Augoustakis’s term was approved.]
It was decided to name the new Field
Archaeology Scholarship after H. R. Butts,
a former Executive Secretary of Eta Sigma
Phi and a mentor of donor Larry Crowson.
The advanced Greek contest prize will be
named in honor of Mr. Crowson, himself.
The description of the position of the
Editor of the NUNTIUS was strengthened,
especially in regard to participation at
Board meetings.
Outgoing Megas Prytanis David Giovagnoli
of Truman State University was
asked to form a committee to deal with
advanced planning for annual conventions.
The first incarnation of this committee
is charged with beginning the planning
for our 2014 Centennial Celebration in
Chicago, site of the original Eta Sigma Phi
organization. Sister Thérèse Dougherty,
Trustee, and outgoing Trustee David Sick
will serve in the first term of this committee,
and one of the national officers to be
elected at this convention will join it.
Allie Marbry (an organizer of the 81st
annual convention that met at Rhodes
College) and Kenny Morrell at the Center
for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D. C.
are involved with planning a new website
for Eta Sigma Phi, which may be placed
on the server of the Center. Discussion of
such a new website will continue through
the year.
Clarifications will be made in requirements
for membership in this organization.
Honorary Membership in the national
society must be approved by the Executive
Secretary, working with the Board
of Trustees. Local chapters may confer
local honorary membership on persons
who have made outstanding contributions
locally. Eta Sigma Phi certificates will be
issued only to Honorary Members whose
contributions have national significance, as
approved by the Executive Secretary and
the Board.
The wording concerning qualification
for Associate Membership will be clarified
in the by-laws.
Only undergraduate initiates of Eta
Sigma Phi shall be eligible for scholarships
awarded by the Society.
Local chapters are urged to maintain
high standards for election to membership,
recognizing that courses in Greek and
Latin, rather than courses exclusively in
translation, earn merit for acceptance into
the Society.
The Board discussed the presentation of
papers by undergraduates at our conventions,
and at CAMWS, CAMWS Southern
Section and the American Philological
Association. Presenters must plan to attend
the entire session at which they will read
their papers. No waiver of registration for
these meetings will be granted.
The finances of the organization were
thoroughly discussed, with input from
ex officio Board member Professor Brent
The financial support for national officers
and Trustees attending convention
and other professional meetings in official
capacity will be increased to reflect rising
costs in the economy.
Expenses for the Executive Secretary
and NUNTIUS editor will be compensated
in reflection of these costs.
The outgoing Chrysophylax, Theo
Harwood, has developed a brochure for our
use in soliciting ads for the NUNTIUS.
We will campaign to increase revenues
from ads in our publication. To raise our
national profile, we will also seek to place
ads for Eta Sigma Phi in the publications of
other organizations.
Other matters, such as possible recipients
of future Lifetime Achievement
Awards, contributions to the Amphora (a
publication of the APA), and possible respondents
for the APA panel papers, were
discussed, and the meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Martha A. Davis, Chair
Board of Trustees, Eta Sigma Phi