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Bernice L. Fox Latin Teacher Scholarship: Sarah Elizabeth Ruff.
Sarah is currently a graduate student in the Foreign Language
Education program at the University of South Florida. As a former
Eta Sigma Phi national officer and University of Florida Classics
graduate, Sarah has spent countless hours in the past few years
working with varying degrees of Latin students, from teaching
at a Classical School in Gainesville to more recently teaching
large groups of home-schooled students. She currently has several
tutoring groups and just spent three days leading a Latin Camp for
Classical Conversations in Sarasota, FL, with 120 students ages
Classical Field Archaeology Scholarship for Summer Field Work:
Rachel Cartwright. Rachel is an undergraduate student in Classical
Archaeology at UT Austin. Over the summer, she worked in
Portugal on an Iron Age castro site that also was influenced by the
Romans during their period of inhabiting the Iberian peninsula.
She has been learning how to use survey equipment, set up new
units, and excavate.
Brent Malcom Froberg Summer Scholarship: Rebecca Sausville.
Rebecca is a 2011 graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center,
where she received a BA in Classical Languages. This year also
marked her first foray into Ancient Greek, which means her
summer session at ASCSA was spent absorbing as much Greek
culture as possible in order to get a better taste of the Hellenistic
side of antiquity — thus furthering the foundation she wishes to
build upon in graduate school for Classical Archaeology in fall
Theodore Bedrick Scholarship to the Vergilian Society at Cumae: Kyle
Oskvig. Kyle writes “Every student of the Classics dreams of going
to experience Italy firsthand. The Bedrick scholarship will take
me there, and provide a richer experience than I could have on
my own. The Vergilian Society’s “Land of the Sibyl” tour will offer
knowledgeable professors as guides, a country villa as a home base,
and fellow Classicists of all ages as companions. I’ll recount my
experiences around the bay of Naples in the next NUNTIUS.”
Eta Sigma Phi Summer Scholarship to study at the American
Academy in Rome: Andrew Willey. Andrew is currently working
on his dissertation “Discovering a Higher Law: Cicero and the
Creation of a Roman Constitution” at the University of Minnesota.
With the much-appreciated assistance of Eta Sigma Phi, he
will be attending the Classical Summer School of the American
Academy at Rome and is looking forward to the opportunity to
spend several intense weeks learning about material culture and
the topography of Cicero’s adopted hometown. And who knows?
Perhaps he’ll even stumble across some tiny trace of Cicero’s (in)
famous house on the Palatine.