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The Alpha Eta chapter experienced

a tremendous renaissance during the

2010–2011 academic year. We excited the

undergraduates, graduate students, and

even faculty and staff with our revitalization

efforts. Our calendar included an

event or general purpose meeting each

week school was in session.

Highlights include:


• Kick-off event


• Herodotus reading: Battle of Marathon

(Μάχη τοΜαραθνος)

• Initiation ceremony held on the “Diag”

(the university’s central quadrangle)

• Coffee chat with Professor Ruth Caston

on a variety of topics


• Classical World “Jeopardy” (i.e., topics

such as divinities; modern Classics;

grammar and syntax; medicine; Latin to

English significance; Greek to English significance;

heroes and villains; philosophy,

food, and drink; geography; wars, etc.)

• University of Michigan’s 9th Annual Arthur

& Mary Platsis Symposium on the

Greek Legacy: Why Teach Thucydides?

• Movie Night: Gladiator with commentary

by Professor David Potter.


• Horace reading with Sarah Kunjummen,

whose thesis was relevant to Horace’s Odes

• Attended (some members acted in)

Plautus’ Mostellaria

• Spoken Latin session

• Roman Banquet — all recipes were from

Classical cookbooks


• Latin scrabble tournament

• Ovid: Fasti reading

• Medieval Latin presentation (“Teacherstudent

relations in the Middle Ages”)

by Professor Donka Markus


• Catullus reading

• Singing Latin session: Beatles’ songs,

“Hail to the Victors,” folk songs

• Reading Seneca’s version of Oedipus

• Attending the performance of Oedipus

at Williamston Theatre

• Classical linguistics presentation with

Professor Ben Fortson


• Ides of March reenactment of Caesar’s


• Latin reading on gladiatorial games

• Chapter succession-planning meeting

with officers and staff


• Article in U-M Department of Classical

Studies’ Convivium, page 12: https://




• Various presentations with graduate

students about graduate school, their

individual research projects, life in



• End-of-year picnic; presentation of Eta

Sigma Phi Honor Cords to seniors