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Sample Chapter Events

complied by Megale Hyparchos Mary Banovetz (2008-2009)

  1. Peer Tutoring
  2. Movie Nights & Discussion
    1. Life of Brian, O Brother Where Art Thou, The Passion of the Christ, Indian Jones, The Mummy & The Mummy Returns, Jupiter’s Darling, I Claudius, Troy, Jason and the Argonauts, 300, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Clash of the Titans, 300 Spartans, Gladiator
  3. Weekly TV show viewings & Discussion (HBO’s Rome has been popular)
  4. Lectures
    1. By your own faculty, or invite guest lecturers
    2. Attend AIA or APA lectures
    3. Student papers
  5. Parties/Picnics
    1. Saturnalia/Floralias/Eleusinian Mysteries
    2. Solstice Celebrations, Ides of March, Eruption of Pompeii
    3. Birthday of Rome, Caesar, etc.
    4. Initiation Celebrations – at an appropriately Greek or Italian themed restaurant?
    5. Holiday/Beginning/End of Semester Parties
    1. Toga Parties
    2. Ice-Cream Socials
    3. Classics Tea and Conversation
    4. Dances
  1. Holiday Activities:
    1. Latin Christmas Caroling
    2. Oct’homerfest
    3. Paint your own pot or pumpkin
    4. Valentine’s Day Beauty Competition – Judged by Paris!
  2. Productions of all or part of a classical play
  3. Field Trips
    1. Professional performances of classical theatre
    2. Museum exhibits
    3. Local attractions (one chapter went to a corn maze to re-enact Thesus’ experience in the Labyrinth – be creative!)
  4. Marathon Readings (Homer is especially popular – can you do 24 books in 24hrs?)
  5. T-shirt designs
  6. Olympic Games/Classics Carnival
    1. Latinists v. Hellenists
    2. Rubber-duck trireme battles?  3-legged races?

i.      Gamma Omicron chapter planned a game of “gladiator” in which individuals made their own weapons and played a game of “assassin” in which each participant was provided with the name of another participant who he/she had to assassinate using the cardboard weapons they designed

  1. Classics Conversation Tables/Weekly Emails (Marquette has done a weekly etymology email to interested students)
  2. Classical Languages Lab
    1. If your school has a modern language lab already, see if you can include some Classics programs
  3. Reading Groups:
    1. Summer Reading Program – assign a book to read and discuss over the summer
    2. Lunchtime Reading Group

i.      Meet once a week during lunch, read in translation or original language

  1. Reception
    1. For prospective Classics majors
    2. Information about study abroad, scholarship, and graduate school opportunities
  2. Classics Game Nights
    1. Latin Scrabble
    2. Classics charades
    3. Host your own Certamen
    4. Scavenger Hunt with clues in Greek and/or Latin
  3. Poetry Readings/Poetry Slam – In English, Greek, Latin
  4. Poetry composition in Latin and/or Greek
  5. Poetry translation competition – for eloquence, not accuracy
  6. Classics Crafts –
    1. Tie dye a toga (or anything else)
    2. Making paper and/or books
    3. Cooking according to ancient recipes
    4. Paint your own pot
    5. Greek folk-dancing
  7. Promote your chapter at your institution’s club information event and/or parent’s weekend festivities
  8. Make local supporters of the Classics “honorary” honorary members
  9. Attend CAMWS or CAS Conventions
  10. Fundraise for the National Endowment
  11. Team up and host events with other organizations – a history or philosophy honorary?
  12. Host or participate in a Regional Conference
  13. Host a teaching workshop aimed at teachers of Classical languages
  14. Invite other Eta Sigma Phi chapters to participate in any of these activities!!