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Sample Fundraising Ideas

compiled by Megale Hyparchos Mary Banovetz (2008-2009)

Raise funds to come to the National Convention!!


  1. Make sure everybody pays their dues!!
  2. Contact alumni and ask for donations
  3. Bake Sales
  4. Local Restaurant/Retail Opportunities
    1. Some restaurants allow a sale of their product or fundraising nights where a portion of the proceeds go to your organization
    2. Some retailers will allow your organization to sell food outside the doors – for those of you in bigger communities this might work especially well – organize a hotdog/brat sale outside of nearby grocery or retail store
  5. Other Sales
    1. Valentine’s Day cards
    2. Buttons for different holidays feature classical slogans
    3. T-shirt Sales
    4. Used Book Sale
  6. Raffles
    1. Contact local businesses for prizes
    2. Auction off meals that the members will cook
  7. Submit student papers to the national convention: if accepted, the student’s convention fees are waived
  8. Advisors who attend the national convention have their convention fees remitted
  9. National Officers receive a travel stipend
  10. Cash prizes offered at the Convention:
    1. “Best Dressed” vir et femina
    2. Chapter Outreach Award
  11. Sponsor a tournament
    1. Dodgeball, kickball, etc.
    2. Charge, say $20 per team to register