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By lkoelle on January 4, 2012. No Comments

We began the year with the annual

Ancient Olympics against the Society of

Ancient History, including events such as

the discus/frisbee throw and poetry recitation.

Another fall event was the softball

game between the beginning Greek and

Latin classes. Before taking finals, we

braved the cold to sing Latin, Greek,

and German Christmas carols around

Northfield. This spring, members tested

their translation skills in the Eta Sigma

Phi contests. We held an initiation of new

members in March with sufficient pomp.

Every Monday we held a Classics

conversation table. We invited the new

Classics professors from Carleton and St.

Olaf to talk about their experiences in grad

school and their dissertation topics. We

also branched out and had two St. Olaf

philosophy professors talk about their use

of Classics in their study of philosophy.

Alumni spoke about how their majors were

useful in such diverse fields as law and

computer programming. Student speakers

spoke about archaeological digs, summer

research projects, and independent

research classes.

This year we held our first-ever lamb

roast, which we hope to establish as an Eta

Sigma Phi tradition. Other events include

the end of the year Bacchanalia picnic, the

Groomis translation contests, and Classics

t-shirts. Please see: https://www.stolaf.