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Eligibility Requirements

Eligible students must be a member of the national Eta Sigma Phi Society. Local initiation alone is not sufficient. If you have been initiated at your college or university and have not received a certificate from the national organization, please check that your advisor sent the information to the national office along with the required dues.

Applicants should complete the application and forward it to the chair of the committee along with an official undergraduate transcript(s) and statement of purpose. The statement of purpose should include information about their undergraduate career, their involvement in Eta Sigma Phi, and their plans for a career in Classics. Three references from professors who are familiar with applicants’ work, especially in Classics, should be sent directly to the chair. Electronic applications sent via e-mail are strongly preferred to hard copies sent via the postal service. The committee uses the following criteria to evaluate applications:  the quality of the applicant’s work in Greek, Latin, and related courses; future plans in classical studies; contributions to the local chapter and national society of Eta Sigma Phi; receipt of other scholarships to support participation in the field, including scholarships from Eta Sigma Phi in previous years.

In the meantime applicants should apply on their own to the programs in which they are interested. Please consult the scholarship information sheet for deadlines, addresses and pertinent financial information. A scholarship from Eta Sigma Phi does NOT ensure a place in these programs! These programs also have their own scholarships for which you may be eligible if you do not receive an Eta Sigma Phi award.

In return for any scholarship, Eta Sigma Phi requires that the recipient write a short article chronicling his/her experiences for publication in Nuntius and provide a very brief biographical statement of no more than four non-periodic sentences.