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By Lauren Albright on August 25, 2015.

Eta Zeta hosted many events throughout the school year. We raised interest through events like our first annual Classics interest dinner party, several non-authentic Roman spaghetti dinners, a Lupercalentine’s sale, various bake sales and Carpe Coffee, and Oktoberfest, where we sold hot cider. As a group, we visited and subsequently got lost in a corn maze, held a Saturnalia party (complete with a Secret Caesar exchange), symposia full of rollicking games and laughter, and played Who Killed Caesar: A Murder Mystery for Every Millennium. We also held several informal and spontaneous squirrel auguries – they just kept saying, “Six more weeks of winter!” Of course, we held our annual Homer-a-thon, both in English on the quad for the entire student body and an all-Greek one with professors and advanced Greek students. We provided weekly tutoring sessions for students in all levels of Greek and Latin, as well as weekly Latin instruction to local middle school students. Finally, we hosted our annual Greek and Italian dinners (this year, we had an Italian meets German, Gertalian, dinner in honor of our Advanced Latin class’ study of Tacitus this semester). We love cooking both traditional and modern dishes to serve to our lovely faculty and to other Classics students, and it’s always a great way to bond with each other and swap wonderful stories with the faculty. We can’t wait to try out some additional fun ideas and events next year!