Honorary Members: Gamma Theta at Georgetown College

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By Mason Johnson on February 23, 2015.

Dr. Burch has actively supported the establishment and strengthening of a full-time position in Classics at Georgetown College, first by serving on the hiring committee for this position, then by encouraging and supporting that faculty member’s teaching and path towards applying for tenure. As chair of the English department, she also promotes Classical literature and Classics courses to English majors, who now make up a majority of Latin and Classics students at Georgetown. Finally, she attended the Center for Hellenic Studies’ Council for Independent Colleges Faculty Development Seminar, at which she studied the Odyssey with Prof. Greg Nagy.

Dr. Emerick is actively involved in Classics instruction at Georgetown College. As a History professor, she regularly teaches Ancient History, as well as teaching texts such as Antigone, Thucydides, and Plato in Georgetown College’s freshman Foundations program. She has further supported Georgetown’s Classics program e.g. by co-leading a field trip to the Pompeii exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.