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Dr. Ann Wylie is the new Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

of the University of Maryland. Although

she has not studied Latin for many years

(she is a professor of geology), she took

advanced Latin courses in college where

she was a classmate of our colleague, Dr.

Judith Hallett. We consider her a friend of

the department.

Dr. Michael Dirda is a Pulitzer-prizewinning

author and journalist who studied

Latin through the advanced level in

college. He has reviewed translations of

Classical texts and written introductory

essays for recent translations of Homer

and Ovid. He has long been a champion

of the Classics in his columns and a friend

of the Maryland Classics department in

particular. Most recently (spring 2010) he

presented a paper at our colloquium on

Thornton Wilder and Classical reception.

Dr. Linda Coleman is an Associate

Professor of English at the University of

Maryland, College Park. She studied Latin

through the advanced level in college and

for many years has taught rhetoric and

Classical literature in translation. She is

an affiliate faculty member of the Classics


Mr. Steven Dubrow is a teacher of Latin

and French at Walter Johnson High School

in Montgomery County, Maryland. As a

special student, he has taken courses in

Latin at the advanced level here at the

University and earned exemplary grades

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