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Composed by Ann Connor (1952)

Arranged by Stacey Heinrich (2005)

Video from 85th Convention (Wake Forest, 2013) at bottom

Eta Sigma Phi Song (sheet music)

Bearing beauty’s flame
ending our hearts to your name
Your ancient splendor we cherish now.
Youthful dreams tell us how.
Students look to your light,
A beauty ever bright.
Our loyalty we pledge to you,
Eta Sigma Phi.

Lumen qui ferimus
Animos tibi damus.
Antiquum tuum tibi placet.
Hoc spes nostra docet.
Spectant te iuvenes.
O lumen semper des.
Fidem servabimus tibi.
Eta Sigma Phi.

φῶς καλὸν φέροντες
ὄνομα σοῦ τιμῶντες
φιλοῦμεν ἀρχαιότητα σὴν
τοῖς νέοις χρησίμην.
δόξαν σοῦ βλέπομεν·
τὴν πίστιν δίδομεν.
ἀεὶ χαίροις λαμπρότητι, Ἦτα Σῖγμα Φῖ.