Jeremiah Weigert, Megas Grammateus

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By Aeger on August 26, 2015.

Weigert, IowaJeremiah Dane Weigert was born in a valley of fresh hewn corn from the mid-fall harvest near a little town called Fairfield. He grew, strengthened by the muddy water of the banks of the Skunk River.

Weigert began to study the Latin language in order that he might read ancient and medieval authors in their original script. Having studied Russian a couple years prior, He was familiar with the case system and the study of both languages overlapping eased comprehension.

The literature, too, overlapped. Turgenev’s Katya enters the stage like Artemis in Fathers and Children. Anna Karenina is grey-eyed as Athena. Platon (Plato) Karataev leads Pierre Bezukhov to a deeper understanding of himself in War and Peace. The close knit relationship between Russian literature and Classical literature enthralled the young man, and increased his desire to immerse himself in these studies.

In the fall of 2013 Jeremiah joined Eta Sigma Phi, finding in this organization like-minded individuals with whom he could pursue these studies further. Being a part of the organization is and has been a constant source of fulfillment and joy, and as Grammateus Megas, he will endeavor to proliferate the humanities to the utmost.