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Paper Panels

A Panel Sponsored by Eta Sigma Phi
for the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association
Seattle, Washington

Organized by Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Monmouth College

Eta Sigma Phi, founded in 1914 at the University of Chicago, is a national classics honorary society for students of Latin and/or Greek who attend accredited liberal arts colleges and universities in the United States.

The society is sponsoring this panel in order to showcase the scholarship of undergraduate classics students. Papers may deal with any aspect of the ancient Greek and Roman world (e.g., language, literature, art, history, religion, philosophy) or with the reception of classical culture in modern times. An established scholar will be invited to serve as respondent to the student papers.

Eta Sigma Phi hopes that this panel will serve as a bridge between undergraduate students and the American Philological Association, not just by giving the students an opportunity to experience an APA meeting and to share their views with professional classicists, but also by introducing those professionals to some of the most talented and promising students from the next generation of classicists.

Any student enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program at a college or university during the academic year 2011-2012 is eligible to submit a paper. Anyone interested in proposing a paper for the panel should e-mail the entire paper as a .pdf attachment to etasigmaphinational@gmail.com.  The paper must be able to be read aloud at a moderate pace in 15 minutes (or 20 minutes if audio-visual equipment is used), so it should be no longer than 10 double-spaced pages, excluding any endnotes and bibliography. Please also e-mail a one-page abstract of the paper, and a cover page listing name, school, school address, telephone, e-mail address, and audio-visual needs. To preserve anonymity in the evaluation process, the student’s name and school affiliation should appear only on the cover page, not on the abstract or the paper itself. The receipt deadline for the paper, abstract, and cover page is February 1, 2012.

Further instructions on formatting of submissions:

1.      Please send your submission in three separate pdf files: a.) the paper; b.) an abstract; c.) a cover sheet.

2.      Do not use your name to name any of these files. Rather, use a short version of your paper title followed by the tag “paper” or “abstact” or “cover.”

3.      Your paper must have a title. Please put this title at the top of your paper.

4.      Use the paper title, not the word ”abstract”, at the top of the abstract.

5.      Your name should not appear in either the paper or the abstract.6. On the other hand, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the paper title be included in your cover sheet along with your name, school, address, e-mail, etc. Be sure to include and email address which will be valid after graduation. Also indicate on the cover sheet if you need any A/V to present your paper.

Each submission will be evaluated anonymously by three referees.  Students who submit papers for the panel must be current members of the APA.  Please direct questions to the Executive Secretary of Eta Sigma Phi, Professor Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Department of Classics, Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL 61462 (etasigmaphinational@gmail.com; 309-457-2371).