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Report on Initiates

Please complete this report and submit it as soon as possible after each initiation to the national office. You can submit this report on-line by completing this form or you can mail a print copy (found here) to the Executive Secretary. The names of initiates must be typed as they should appear on the membership cards and certificates.  During the public health emergency, payments made be made on-line via Paypal.  Visit our Regalia page to purchase the memberships.

Please give the Greek name of your chapter; chapters are listed at https://www.etasigmaphi.org/chapters/current-chapters.
Please include your department if it is a part of your mailing address.

Active (Undergraduate) Members

($40.00 per initiate.)
Please separate each name with a comma and be sure that each is spelled correctly.
(Cost is $40.00 per initiate.)

Associate (Graduate Student) Members

($20.00 per initiate without certificate; $30.00 with certificate.)
Please list each name on a separate line and be sure that each is spelled correctly.
(Cost is $20.00 per initiate without certificate and $30.00 with certificate.)

Honorary Members

Chapters are invited to nominate for honorary membership individuals who have made significant contribution to Eta Sigma Phi nationally or to the local chapter or who have been strong advocates for the study of Classics. Please provide below a supporting citation. If the nomination is approved, the national office pays for certificates for honorary members. NB: Undergraduates are not eligible for honorary membership except in the case of marvelous accomplishment.
Please list each name on a separate line and be sure that each is spelled correctly.
Please add one or two sentences explaining why each individual is worthy of honorary membership. What contributions has he or she made to Eta Sigma Phi nationally or to your local chapter?

Replacement Certificates

List the name and date of initiation for each replacement certificate.
(Cost is $15.00 each.)

Chapter Donation to Eta Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund

Please list amount here. If you wish to donate to a specific scholarship or general fund, please note that as well. All donations will be acknowledged in the Nuntius.
Your order will not be processed until fees are received. After you submit this form, a copy will be emailed to you and to the national office. Payment via PayPal is now available on the Regalia page or send a check or money order for the grand total payable to Eta Sigma Phi, or, during this public health emergency, you may pay on-line by purchasing the memberships in our Regalia section. You may contact us at etasigmaphinational@gmail.com.