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By lkoelle on December 12, 2011. No Comments

I grew up in and around Mansfield, CT, where I graduated from E. O. Smith High
School in 1999. My first brush with the ancient world happened when I was six years old, on a school trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The object I saw that day which I remember the most vividly was a very old shirt found among grave goods. Since I was only six, I can’t tell you how old the shirt really
was, but I can tell you how amazed I was. Somebody had worn that shirt thousands of years ago! From that moment forward, I was hooked on antiquity. I began to study Latin in sixth grade and continued on
through high school. After a decade-long hiatus, I enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia to pursue a degree in chemistry. After reading Gilgamesh in a literature class I changed my major to Classics and
have not regretted the decision. I love ancient languages and literature, especially poetry, and hope to continue on to get a PhD in Philology once I graduate with my B.A. in Classics.
Eta Sigma Phi is a great organization for meeting other people who share my passion for Classical Studies. I have a lot of fun with my local chapter. I have also had the opportunity to meet other young Classicists from around the country. When I am not studying Classics, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Chris, my pets, and my friends. I like to play board games and video games, crochet, and read fiction.