Statement from Brandon Glackin, Megas Grammateus 2012-2013

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By on August 27, 2012.

Salvete omnes!  My name is Brandon Glackin, and I have the honor of being the Megas Grammateus for Eta Sigma Phi for the 2012-2013 term.  I have always had an interest in classical history and mythology, though that spark lay as an ember throughout secondary school because of my school’s (inexcusable) oversight regarding a lack of Latin classes.  When I arrived at Temple University and discovered the Zeta Beta chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, that ember of interest was fanned into a roaring flame.  I discovered not only a wealth of information and material to feed my interests, but also a huge network of fellow scholars who all had the same interests that I did.  My inquiries into Greek and Roman civilization were paralleled by others who sought to discuss those same things.  Through Eta Sigma Phi, I uncovered the foundation of Greek and Roman culture that our current society stands on, and helped me learn the valuable lesson that occasionally, when we wish to move forward as a society, we must first look backward, to our own shared history.