Statement from Christopher Rios, Megas Prytanis

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By lkoelle on January 3, 2012. No Comments

Xαίρετε! My name is Christopher Rios and I am a member of the Theta Upsilon chapter at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Born and raised in Plano, Texas, I initially attended UNT as a Pipe Organ Performance major, but, after some guidance from my mentor, Dr. Dean Cassella, I decided to focus on the Classics. My interest in the Classics began as a childhood fascination with the Greek and Roman cultures, but as I grew up and became better able to appreciate those gems of civilization, this fascination became an obsession. Studying the Classics not only gives me direct access to some of history’s brightest minds and most beautiful of ancient cultures, it opens up my mind to different perspectives that I can apply to modern, everyday life.

Since studying the Classics is my passion, I intend to continue doing so for the rest of my life. After graduating from UNT, I plan on attending graduate school in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology, focusing my research especially on Bronze Age Greece; there is just something so magnificent (nay, so mysteriously captivating!) about the Mycenaeans. Oh, what I would give to be at Tiryns right now! Not only does Eta Sigma Phi give me the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with students who share the same interests as I, it allows me to make wonderful friends along the way. This is also one way Eta Sigma Phi benefits the Classical world as a whole, for it gathers together the scholars of tomorrow (you and me), paving the way for continued research in the numerous sub-fields encompassed within Classical scholarship.

At the same time, Eta Sigma Phi serves a greater purpose benefiting the Classics community: as the Classics have come under increased pressure within Academia, Eta Sigma Phi has played an integral role in ensuring that it continues to touch the lives of countless students around the country. Though my obsession with the Classics consumes most of my time, when I am not poring over Homer or Plotinus, Chadwick or Shelmerdine, or doing anything else Classics related, I like to play the pipe organ, enjoy the beauty of nature, and spend time with my friends.