Statement from Jordan Dillon, Megas Hyparchos

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By jdillon on August 23, 2012. No Comments

Salvete! I’m Jordan Dillon, an upcoming sophomore at Truman State (Eta Zeta branch), and your Megas Hyparchos for this year! I took my first Latin class simply out of curiosity my freshman year of high school, and could not have enjoyed it more. We have so much to learn about our history, our language, and our very essence as a civilization by looking back to ancient times. Though spreading the Classics to others as a professor would be a fantastic opportunity, currently I am pursuing a pre-law focus, and I intend on demonstrating to the field exactly how useful a commanding knowledge of Latin, Greek, and the ancient civilizations and cultures can be in a legal setting. Until then, however, I am extremely excited and focused on doing everything I can to promote this wonderful organization and further its aim of keeping the Classics community alive and thriving. Some of my other hobbies when not engaged in my studies include drumming, holding a Student Advisor position at Truman, and spending some quality time with my friends, a great deal of whom are my fellow Classicists.