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By lkoelle on January 3, 2012. No Comments

Chairete! I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful summer. I am from Olivette, Missouri and am a graduate of Ladue Horton Watkins High School. I am currently studying at Truman State University where I am a member of the Eta Zeta chapter. As a freshman English major,
I entered into a Latin course in order to become better acquainted with classical literature. After my first year of Latin, I became so enthralled with both the language and Roman culture that I decided to change my major to Classics. I have found that Classics is a truly wonderful discipline, providing students with many avenues of study. Whether you are interested in Philosophy, History, or Gender Studies, all students can find their niches. What I find to be the most rewarding aspect of Classics is the community it builds. Within Truman’s program our Classics Club/Eta Sigma Phi has become very much like a family. There is such a supportive spirit and a sharing of knowledge that makes this area of study life-giving. The students within our Classics program are so eager to help one another in any way possible; it makes studying even the trickiest bits
of Euripides or Livy enjoyable. Although I am quite partial to the Eta Zeta chapter
at Truman, I believe that Eta Sigma Phi as a whole provides its members with a wonderful forum to cultivate relationships with students who are passionate about Classics. This Classics community not only offers opportunities for the intellectual growth of its members, but it provides a vehicle to share ideas and resources on a national level to keep Classics alive. After I graduate from Truman, I hope to go on to earn a M.A. in Classics and then pursue a Ph.D. My dream is to come back to St. Louis after graduate school and expand my school district’s Classics program. I hope to develop a Latin curriculum for Ladue’s elementary and middle schools. I have always wanted to become a teacher and I have been blessed to have professors who support and encourage my dreams.
Whether they are helping me gain a better understanding of Greek supplementary
participles or giving me opportunities to acquire teaching experience, I am
truly grateful for their time and patience. When I am not doing Classics, I like to
spend time with my family and our dog Lily, watch old movies with friends, catch
up on British literature, and hang out at Truman’s Catholic Newman Center. I am looking forward to being your Megale Grammateus and I hope to see you at this
year’s National Convention!