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By lkoelle on December 12, 2011. No Comments

It was my pleasure to serve as your megas prytanis during the 2010–11 academic year. Over the past year, we have continued to do what we do best: extol the virtues of Classical civilization and
study the Classics ourselves. Our organization has continued to grow in both members and chapters, and our endowment has increased significantly due to the most generous donation of the late Larry
Crowson. We have been working diligently to improve the recognition and expand the
study of the Classics for the past 97 years, since our founding at the University of
Chicago in 1914, as Phi Sigma. As we approach the centennial of our organization’s
birth, we can look forward to the beginning of the second century of our mission of the promotion of the Classics. To celebrate the completion of 100 years as an organization, we will be returning to our
home city: Chicago, Illinois. The Board of Trustees has formed a new committee to
plan the 2014 convention, to which I have been appointed chairperson.
The committee’s primary goal is to plan the 2014 convention, as well as improve
the level of communication between the Grand Executive Council and Board of
Trustees with local planning authorities for upcoming conventions. Eventually, we
would like to have the ability to plan conventions in cities without local chapters,
to supplement our options for convention sites. I look forward to working in this
role, and hope that you are excited for this important milestone in our organization’s history.
Yours Most Sincerely,
David Giovagnoli
2010–2011 Megas Prytanis
Chair of the Centennial Committee