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The 2010–2011 academic year has been a
good one for our chapter. Our first event,
held in November, presented the study
abroad opportunities available to those
interested in the fields of archaeology and
Classical Studies. The presentation focused
on the experiences of current Seton Hall
students, who related their experiences
studying abroad at programs such as the
Kent Archaeological Field School and the
American School of Classical Studies.
In early November, we made a trip to
the Alexander S. Onassis Center in New
York City for the final stop of the traveling
exhibit “Heroes: Mortals and Myths in
Ancient Greece.” The focus of the exhibit
was on the characters of Heracles and
Odysseus, and the differing representations
of them in ancient art and literature.
Because we were an academic group, we
received a free tour of the exhibition. We
always enjoy our trips to the Onassis Center!
Afterwards, we participated in a little
more modern culture by visiting the newly
adorned Rockefeller Center, which was all
decked out for the Christmas season.
In early March, we began our “Mythology
in Harry Potter” series. This
series details the classical mythology and
etymological wordplay found in the Harry
Potter world, book by book. So far we have
held three events in this series (detailing
the first three books — Harry Potter and
the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and
Prisoner of Azkaban). We have been met
with great enthusiasm by the attendees. In
addition to the mythology and wordplay,
we have also discussed the themes of death
and the afterlife within the entire series
and author J.K. Rowling’s development of a
new mythology. Due to its great reception,
we look forward to continuing this series in
the fall semester.
In April, Eta Sigma Phi and the Classical
Studies department hosted the 5th
Annual Father Cotter Lecture. John F.
Finamore, Professor of Classics at the
University of Iowa, gave a lecture on “The
Ascent to the Good and the Beautiful:
Plato and Plotinus.”
In May we held the “Trojan War Coloring
Hour.” Perhaps the Trojan War is a
questionable subject for a coloring book,
but it suits us very well. The timing is impeccable
for blowing off steam just before
finals week.
Also in early May, we held the induction
for the new Eta Sigma Phi initiates
for the Theta Delta chapter. We are
excited to welcome new members into our