Who’s Coming to the 89th Annual Convention?

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By Aeger on March 21, 2017.

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The following chapters will be represented at the annual convention March 24-26 in Ann Arbor, MI:

Epsilon at the University of Iowa, Omega at the College of William and Mary, Alpha Eta at the University of Michigan, Alpha Kappa at the University of Illinois, Beta Iota at Wake Forest University, Beta Kappa at Notre Dame of Maryland University, Beta Pi at the University of Arkansas, Beta Psi at Rhodes College, Gamma Omicron at Monmouth College, Delta Theta at Dickinson College, Delta Chi at St. Olaf College, Zeta Beta at Temple University, Zeta Omicron at Wayne State University, Eta Delta at Hillsdale College, Eta Mu at the University of California-Davis, Theta Alpha at Franklin & Marshall College, Theta Tau at Richard Stockton University, Iota Sigma at Grand Valley State.

See you soon!

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