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By lkoelle on January 4, 2012. No Comments

In September, the chapter provided staffing
for the Department of Classics table
at the “First Look Fair,” a two-day event
at which new and returning students can
get information about clubs and academic
programs at the University. We handed
out brochures describing the department’s
major tracks and answered lots of
questions, ranging from “What exactly is
Classics, anyway?” to “What did you think
of the Troy movie?”
On March 10, we inducted seven
new undergrad members, three associate
members, and four honorary members, including
the new Provost of the University,
Dr. Ann Wylie, and Dr. Michael Dirda,
a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and
author. Both Dr. Wylie and Dr. Dirda took
Latin through the advanced level in college.
Our ceremony was preceded by a talk
on magic in Greco-Roman Egypt by one of
our own M.A. alumni, Dr. Drew Wilburn
of Oberlin.
On May 30, Zeta Nu members participated
in a special activity for Maryland
Day, a campus-wide outreach day for the
University. Together with other Classics
majors, we made name badges in Greek and
Latin for campus visitors. This will be the
fourth year we have enjoyed this activity.