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By lkoelle on January 4, 2012. No Comments

First, the Beta Psi chapter apologizes for

being a bunch of losers and not sending

any students to the national convention

this year. Otherwise we had an excellent

year and inducted six new members. In the

fall, we hosted an all-night reading of the

Odyssey in conjunction with the freshmen

humanities program. The chapter

also hosted several events with our sister

club, CA‘ESAR, the Classical and Hellenic

Society At Rhodes, including a viewing of

the recent version of Clash of the Titans,

afternoons of “Roman” games, and a

chapter outing to visit the Egyptian exhibit

at the University of Memphis. In addition,

we hosted weekly Mensae Latinae, an

hour-long meal, with conversation entirely

in Latin. In November, we also organized

and hosted “Festivus,” a celebration of

the classics for middle- and high-school

students in the Memphis area. We had

several classically-themed contests, both

academic and more entertaining. These

included certamen, as well as art, costume,

video, and “classical food” contests. As

part of the entertainment we showed the

Festivus episode from Seinfeld with Latin

subtitles. The subtitles were written by

two of our members Michelle Currie and

David Adams with the help of our adviser,

David Sick. We ended the festivities with

the world’s only Latin carol for Festivus,

“O Festive, O Festive, feriae pro ceteris,

grege…” The event was a rousing success,

with over 100 students from several local

schools attending. We hope to make it an

annual event.